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5 Exercises Everyone Should Be Doing

We get it: Walking into a gym can be intimidating, especially with all the rows of machines staring back at you waiting to be pushed, pulled, pressed and walked on. But don’t let not knowing where to be begin – … Continue reading

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ASK HN: “Our family vacation is coming up – what’s the healthiest way to travel with kids?”

EXPERT ON CALL: Preeti Parikh, M.D., pediatrician and HealthiNation’s Medical Director of Programming Three things you should never leave home without when traveling with children by planes, trains or automobiles are…

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3 Beat-the-Heat Skincare Tips

Don’t sweat your summer look! Just follow this guide to saving face — and skin–  on the hottest summer days from Bobby Buka, M.D., HealthiNation’s go-to dermatologist.

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ASK HN: “How can I have a healthier July 4th?”

EXPERT ON CALL: Sharon Richter, R.D. You know the Independence Day drill: grill, eat, drink, repeat. Whether it’s your birthday or the country’s (Happy 236th, America!), indulging is generally par for the celebration course. The problem with stuffing your face … Continue reading

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“DECODED”: The Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

By HealthiNation’s Kelly Victory, M.D. Although last week’s Supreme Court ruling on the ACA has been center-stage on every television station, newspaper and internet news site, many Americans are still wondering what the decision will mean for them. As a … Continue reading

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