Chocolate, Sweet Chocolate

While most of us love chocolate, we may not know the health benefits associated with it, especially those darker varieties rich in cocoa. It can help lower our blood pressure and even put us in a better mood. In this month’s issue of Women’s Health magazine HealthiNation nutritionist Amy Hendel breaks down popular types of chocolate, reveals their healthy benefits and comments on why, even though chocolate may have healthy benefits, it’s best eaten in moderation.

Check out the full list of chocolates here.



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3 Responses to Chocolate, Sweet Chocolate

  1. Hey Blog,
    Thanks you for your post, I want to make brownies but the recipe calls for unsweetened bakers chocolate squares and I only have semi-sweet (and can’t get to the store), can I substitute these? Should I alter the recipe somehow if I do? Please be specific, I am an intermediate level cook.

    I look forward to your next post

  2. Thanks for your nice blog post. Most of people think that as chocolate is full of sugar it does much harm, but they are not aware about the goodness of chocolate. Have any reciepe to add fruits and vegetables extract to increase the nutrition of the chocolate?

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