Heart Rate Formula for Women

Until recently, both men and women were using the same basic formula to determine their heart rate range for optimal calorie burning. According to recent studies however, there is a gender difference when it comes to heart rate formulas. A new formulate for women will help us figure out our best target heart rate for exercise, and help doctors more accurately use the exercise stress test on women to predict our risk of death, especially heart-related death.

When you exercise you want to assess your effort, and also determine if your heart rate is within a range that correlates with maximum calorie-burning effort. You may be breathing heavily or sweating profusely because you are somewhat unfit, but your heart rate may actually be much lower than those two signs indicate. As a result, the effort you are making may not be enough to guarantee substantial calorie burning, which correlates over time to weight loss.

Here’s the latest formula for women to calculate our optimal heart rate range, which falls between 65 percent and 85 percent of maximum heart rate:

  • Multiply your age by .88 and subtract from 206
  • Multiply that number by .65 and .85

Here’s a tip, after warming up for about 4 to 5 minutes, try to hit a stride within your target heart range.



News source: New formula gives first accurate peak heart rate for women. ScienceDaily. (Accessed on July 7, 2011, from http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/06/100628170928.htm.)

Original Study:

Gulati M, Shaw LJ, Thisted RA, Black HR, Bairey-Merz CN, and Arnsdorf MF.

Heart Rate Response to Exercise Stress Testing in Asymptomatic Women: The St. James Women Take Heart Project. Circulation. 2010;122:130-137, published online before print June 28 2010, doi:10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.110.939249.



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  1. This is good article, May be I will reccoment it for my wife. Thank you.

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